che4My name’s Anjru W and I hate talking. Writing always seemed to be a more effective way of conveying my thoughts and ideas.  If it were up to me I’d communicate solely with a pen and a pad. Unfortunately, that would kill too many stupid trees and my penmanship makes chicken scratch look like calligraphy. So that’s where EMBRYO comes in. This is a spot where I offer my two cents on the world at large, vent my disdain for the world at large, or just talk about nerd stuff.

The embryo represents the idea of countless possibilities, with the potential to change the world, all stemming from a single point in nature. As you already know, there are countless blogs, opinions, and beliefs littered throughout this vastness we call the Web, so many that this little site may as well be microscopic. But like something embryonic, as tiny as it may be, it’s what can grow from it that matters. Likewise, EMBRYO is just a spot where any topic can be discussed, big or small.

Here you can also find some articles I wrote back when I was dating journalism, and some of my fiction for those who, like me, have had it with reality and sometimes wish an escape.


Oh yeah, I also like photography, ever since I was trying to be the black Peter Parker. Follow the links below to check out some of my stuff and for bookings.

Skyline Lens Photography


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