2014, Summer- Keepin’ It Honest with The Real Voyce (BOSS Magazine)

2014, Summer- Putting a New Spin on Things (BOSS Magazine)

2013, Spring- Hustle & Flow (BOSS Magazine)

2013, Winter- From Rags to Rich Kidd (BOSS Magazine)

2012, September- Oil Industry Careers  (jobpostings magazine)

2012, January – Going Geothermal (jobpostings magazine)

2011, Fall- Famine in Somalia: A Community’s Call to Action (BOSS Magazine)

2011, October- The LSAT Problem (Disability)

2011, September- Careers in Oil and Gas: More Than What’s Beneath The Surface (jobpostings magazine)

2011, September- Blueprint for the Future (jobpostings magazine)

2011, May- Peel Police: A Day in The Life (jobpostings magazine)

2011, May – Go Planet! (jobpostings magazine)

2011, April – Careers in Gaming: Pick Your Character (jobpostings magazine)

2011, April – What the Textbook Can’t Teach Ya (jobpostings magazine)

2011, March – Found in Translation (jobpostings magazine)

2011, March – When Contracts Attack (jobpostings magazine)

2011, February – Stackin’ It Up For The Summer (jobpostings magazine)

2011, February – The Cyber Campus (jobpostings magazine)

2011, February – The Invisible Chain (jobpostings magazine)

2011, January – Powering New Opportunities (jobpostings magazine)

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