Between Twilights and Shadows


Put yourself in Anthony Apollo’s predicament:

You’ve just turned 18 and about to finish high school.  You don’t know what you want to do with your life.  You’ve just had a death in the family.  You’ve mysteriously acquired unusual abilities and a split-personality.  An enigmatic killing machine is loose in the city, and to top it off, you’re the only one that can stop it.  The tricky part is having all these things sorted out by graduation.




1. The Good Old Days

2. Conception: The House

3. Cultivation: part one

4. Cultivation: part two

5. The Sadness

6. Infancy: part one

7. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

8. Infancy: part two

9. Id

10. Birth

11 Childhood

12. Adolescence

13. Growth: part one

14. Growth: part two

15. Youth: part one

16. Youth: part two

17. Like a Thief in the Night

18. Shades of Grey

19. The Angel of Death

20. Maturity

21. Cleaning Up the Mess

22.  Full Circle

23. Keep Your Friends Close…

24. Rebirth

25. Adulthood



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