19. The Angel of Death

The explosion sent a ringing through Id’s ears as he heard every frequency of sound produced by the blast. The explosion lit up the dark alley like a morning sun, revealing every crack and grain in the bricks, temporarily blinding him. The first thought that ran through his head was Saturn, he needed to get him to safety. But before Id could even act he was pulverized by what felt like a wrecking ball. Luckily, the Knight Suit absorbed and neutralized most the force of the impact. He felt weightless as he flew through the air until he smashed against the wall. At that point he felt his mass again. He slid down the wall and collapsed onto the ground. Climbing to his feet and straightening himself, his vision returned. When he could fully see again, he discovered that he was not hit by a wrecking ball, but by the back of a massive hand that was swinging back for another shot. Immediately, Id ducked out of the way and rolled to a safer position. Finally he was able to see this monstrosity. It appeared to be a large man, anywhere from seven to eight feet tall, possibly weighing up to six hundred pounds in muscle.

Id had already figured out where Big Saturn was; he could sense that Big was hiding underneath his melted car. Now if he could pull him out and get to the roof, he just might be able to hop onto the next maglev and get as far away from here as possible.

The enormous figure turned around, and the Ghost was able to get a better sense of what it looked like. It was dressed in some large brown fabric draped and wrapped around its body, giving the appearance of a poncho. It had a mane of dreadlocks reaching past its shoulders to robe its upper body. They covered its face and created a shadow over it, but somehow, the shadow over its eyes seemed deeper. But upon a startling realization, Id couldn’t believe what he was looking at. This creature, this monstrosity- it looked like the same beast from my dreams. The same thing I saw at the Misty Canyon. It was here, in the flesh.

“What are you?” asked Id.

No answer came from it.

This must be the experiment that Bains told me about? Id surmised. Whatever it was, Id didn’t plan on sticking around to find out. He raced over to the melted car to pull Saturn out. But before he was even halfway there, the monstrosity landed right in front of him from an unseen jump, the ground shaking below its feet. It grabbed Id by the neck and held him up above the ground. Even though he was only a few feet in the air, the height still felt dizzying. But suddenly a noise came from underneath the car. It was Big Saturn’s cell phone and it momentarily distracted the dreadlocked beast. Seizing the moment, Id kicked the monstrosity in its chest with both legs. Its chest felt like it was plated with metal as the creature went flying back. The Ghost flew back too but rolled onto his feet with a backwards somersault.

A cascade of brilliant, white plasma rippled down the length of the monster’s arm and it released another blast of energy. This time the Ghost dodged out of the way, allowing the beam of energy to shoot passed and cauterize a dumpster to the pavement. The Ghost then released his own arc of electrical energy, but the monstrosity simply deflected it off of its forearm, burning away the fabric there, revealing yet even more metal. In that same instant, it shot that same arc from its arm back at the Ghost. Oops… Id thought. He was then struck by powerful bolts of lightning, bringing him to his knees. The feeling of each and every nerve fibre fizzing and popping was excruciating. The monstrosity then went to work on him, striking him like a boxing bag and tossing him around like child with a rag doll.

Laying on the ground, Id was able to see Big Saturn hiding under the car. Realizing that he may not be able to get Saturn away from this walking tank, he decided to lure it away from the alley. Using what little strength he had left, the Ghost climbed back onto his feet. The monstrosity began charging at him with blazing speed. And right before impact, Id launched himself high into the night sky, allow the leap to carry him to the roof tops. He landed twelve stories up, just to see the behemoth land at the same time in front of him. The giant made an attempt to grab him, but Id dove between its legs and slid out the other end. He then broke into a full sprint and hurdled across the roof tops, the monstrosity giving chase. The sound of the terrifying creature rumbling behind him was like a whip coercing a horse to run.

But soon the surrounding darkness that hid them began to give way to the street lights of the Under Story, traffic and people already becoming visible. Right before the two of them crashed out into pedestrians, Id made another leap and rose another ten stories, bringing him back to the safety of the dark roof tops. But the monstrosity wasn’t far behind and was gaining on him.

The only way Id was able to keep the thing off his tail was to continue ascending the city skyline, ever climbing higher and higher. This took an enormous amount of endurance and resistance against the pain that was still coursing throughout his body. His muscles fatiguing, his pace gradually began to slow down and the monstrosity gained on him ever more. It didn’t seem as if the creature would let up any time soon, but Id couldn’t simply lose it seeing that it might move on to terrorize the rest of the city. If this thing was indeed the same experiment that Bains had told him about, which had now awoken from its hibernation, the Ghost would somehow have to find a way to put it back to sleep and destroy it. But to do that he could only think of one option– lead the thing to the harbour and try to drown it, on the risky assumption that it actually breathes. Nonetheless, the harbour offered a secluded area that would not draw any unwanted attention, plus there was enough heavy machinery there that could be used to bring the creature down. There was no other alternative. Id would have to make the three mile sprint to the West Harbour.

The monstrosity continued to chase the Ghost across the rooftops. This time however, Id motioned to change course. He made a high-flying back flip right over the charging beast to head back the way he came. But while he was in mid air, the thing shot out a pair of thin, metallic tentacles from a slit in the palm of its hand. They fired out like two harpoons and latched on to the Ghost, bringing him down violently with a series electric shocks. However, the electricity hardly fazed him this time, and he attempted to rip the two tentacles from his suit. But the thing suddenly yanked its harpoons back, slinging Id hard to the ground. He sprang back up just in time to dodge a right hook from the beast, and managed to block and catch the left hook. Using all his strength Id tried to restrain the thing with much effort. But the monster quickly broke free and delivered a swift elbow to Id’s temple knocking him to the ground. It then proceeded to grab the helpless Ghost by the neck and held him aloft once more. And he finished him off with a devastating choke slam to the ground, almost causing the roof to cave in.

I continued to observe as the dream-vision became distorted and began to fade to darkness. I realized that Id was now unconscious, and with us both being technically asleep, there was no one at the wheel, thus nobody to relay the events that followed after. Consequently, the dream-vision faded away completely and there was only blackness.

What happened next I don’t know, neither does Id. It was then when I woke up in that indoor swimming pool atop the condominium. Piecing everything together with the events I had just witnessed, I deduced that the monstrosity had knocked out Id and threw him over the side of the building, leaving him for dead. He must have crashed through the glass roof and landed in the pool.

And the beast had unmasked him.

The realization slapped me across the face. Not only had the monstrosity escaped, but it knew Id’s face- my face. Our problems then increased a hundred fold. The Estate would have to wait. We would have to deal with them some other time. As of now, we had to find a way to stop this monstrosity before it could cause another Misty Canyon, or even a 9/11. Nevertheless, I were lucky to be alive. I’m glad to say I was able to wake up and recall this dream-vision. I may not have woken up at all.

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