R.I.P Robin Williams

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Allow me to interject

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10455341_725281094201707_6923425577125140304_nSo this video was posted quite a while ago where Joshua Feuerstein attempts to debunk evolution. Though some like-minded individuals might find his argument compelling (he even has that preacher voice), sadly it isn’t. Check out the vid below. Read more…

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All things are renewed

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TheBig BangEnergy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only transform. In addition, the sum total of all matter in the universe today, at least at an atomic level, has remained the same since the universe came into being. Read more…

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All That’s Left (a short story)

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Homing PigeonThis was a fun little story I wrote some years ago. Though I’ve never been an atheist, I thought it would be interesting to see what it might be like if, in light of more and more aggressive scientific advancements, discoveries, and secular policies, God has ceased to be God and must now live the rest of his life as a normal human. And no, he’s not Morgan Freeman.

Click the image of the homing pigeon on the left to read the story and enjoy!

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That’s my mayor! part 2

November 7, 2013 Leave a comment

ford3So here we are again. The next episode. Rob Ford back in the news, though some might say he never left.  As I’ve previously wrote, this man is a made for TV movie waiting to happen.  This week Ford found himself back in the spotlight having some explaining to do after the alleged “Crack Video” was prematurely surfaced by police chief Bill Blair. Read more…

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My idea for a found footage Spider-Man movie

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amazing-spider-manTill now we’ve seen several iterations of Spider-Man on the big screen with varying opinions on them. Ignoring the ridiculously hilarious adaptations from the 1970’s, Sam Raimi’s first and second attempts at the franchise tend to resonate more with its arguably faithful take on the character and minor changes and oversights here and there. Read more…

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A random creation myth. Just for fun.

September 27, 2013 3 comments

creation-of-the-universeThere was only the Primal Chaos. All possibilities existing simultaneously, fathomless, unyielding, yet beautiful.  After an age, a single thought was randomly generated from the milieu then self-perpetuated itself into a full consciousness.  Calling Itself the Living Name, It was the first to separate from the Chaos using a relentless will that only It possessed. After an eternity of observing and discerning the Primal Chaos from which It came, the Living Name learnt and mastered the Language then used it to impose order, fashioning chaos into harmony. Read more…

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God bless Miss America 2014!

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missI never really cared much for beauty pageants. Although covering Miss Black Beauty Canada 2013 a few weeks ago might have had my curiosity, Miss America 2014 got my attention. Twenty-four-year old Nina Davuluri, who had also reigned as Miss New York, was the first winner of East Indian descent to be crowned Miss America this past Sunday. Read more…

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The 6 aspects of men

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male-gender-signA man’s psyche is composed of six aspects; each can be represented as thus: Read more…

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Looks like “Stand Your Ground” is being used to justify killing blacks

July 15, 2013 Leave a comment

So with George Zimmerman now free to walk the streets, many Americans and those abroad have exploded with rage at the verdict. Despite the fact that a 17-year-old  boy was murdered for minding his own business and buying skittles, and Zimmerman claimed self-defense even though he was the obvious aggressor, the prosecution fumbled the ball  in what should have been a straight away touch down. Read more…

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