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So America’s decided.

Mr. PersidentWell here we are, a day after what was possibly the most sensational presidential campaign in US history. Even though I haven’t posted anything for a while, what happened last night gave me a reason to dust off this old blog and put in my two cents.  In an upset that could make a Raptors game jealous, Donald Trump defied every possible odd and beat Hillary Clinton to the oval office. Despite having no political, legal, or diplomatic experience, allegations of sexual assault, slanderous and bigoted rhetoric, scandals, and not to mention questionable business practices, Trump managed to snatch the keys to the White House away from Clinton’s imminent grasp. And despite all those things I just mentioned, American’s somehow felt he was the better choice.

I could see a few factors behind this.  First, Hilary pretty much fucked herself after sabotaging the campaign of fellow democrat Bernie Sanders. The former civil rights activist was probably just the thing America needed to move forward, and he was carrying a significant following. However, Hillary made sure to undermine all his efforts. If he had been nominated, he probably would have beaten the former TV host. Second, America is incredibly sexist. This is a country that literally goes out of its way to be racist in many parts, and is renowned for its long standing history of white privilege and making life as miserable as possible for minorities, and yet in 2008 they elected a black president… over a white woman. Let that sink in. Many folks in America still refuse to hand over such power to a woman, and would rather see it given to a black dude, White America’s arch nemesis.

Third, bigotry, fear, and willful ignorance have been a silent virus that’s been infecting America for the past few decades, only showing its symptoms here and there. All it took was a man with the right kind of charisma to say the right things to the right kind of people to start a force to be reckoned with. Trump played to the prejudices of America and he played it beautifully. And fourth, shit has gotten so bad in the US that many of her citizens have become completely disillusioned with politicians and the voting process. They feel so let down that they believe that choosing between a senator who as thirty-plus years of firsthand experience and a dude who openly feels entitled enough to grab women by their pussies won’t make a lick of difference. More than half of the people in the US did not vote in this election. These factors created just the right environment to allow Trump to waltz right into the oval office.

Trump literally hijacked the Republican party, and I’m amazed he still won even after many of his constituents denounced him or outright jumped ship. This campaign really spoke to the movie buff in me. It reminds me of how in The Dark Knight Gotham’s criminals are backed into a corner by the mysterious Batman to such a point that in their desperation they turn to someone who they didn’t fully understand, the Joker, and all their efforts to destroy Batman only backfires on them. This is echoed in what happened in America’s political landscape; the GOP is the mob, Barack Obama is Batman, and Donald Trump is the Joker. I guess America deserved a better class of villain.

And after witnessing Trumps victory over Clinton the night of November 8th, this scene from Revenge Of The Sith speaks volumes:


In any case, I’m doing my best to stay positive. On the bright side, if Trump makes good on building that wall, at least it’ll create jobs (yeah, I know I’m grasping at straws here). And if Obama could disappoint some of the black people who voted for him, hopefully Trump will disappoint the  white supremacists who voted for him. On a more sombre note, after eight years of basking in the chocolate elegance, charm, strength, and intelligence of Michelle Obama, for me it’s going to be rather painful adjusting to Melania Trump, who announced she will be taking a stand against cyber bullying, despite being married to the reigning champion of bullies. I also just remembered that after Trump, Americans will have to deal with Kanye West in 2020. Christ, it’s going to be a rough eight years.








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