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It’s all the same damn show!

Lucifer (TV Series 2016)Back in my not-so-glorious university days I enjoyed following the Sandman graphic novels by Neil Gaiman. So I was rather intrigued to learn that one of the comic book’s spinoff characters was getting his own television series. Lucifer premiered on FOX on January 25 of this year. Mind you, I’m not all that familiar with this DC character’s story line (I know enough of the source material to know that John Constantine should look more like Sting than Keanu Reeves). However, I was disappointed to learn that the show would depart from its unique stories for a more procedural cop formula.

So why do I think this kind of sucks? Well, A) I’ve been waiting all these years for a Sandman TV show, or at least a film, and instead they give us this; and B) we’ve seen shows follow this old format so many times before: a weirdo with a peculiar talent or ability must team up with a hardened cop, who’s typically of the opposite sex,  as a “consultant” to solve mysteries and fight crime. Yo! Break out the mutha fuckin’ chart!


Cop Drama


And these are just to name a few, considering there have been several other short lived stints that had the same idea but failed to last (John Doe, Almost HumanMinority Report etc). I don’t know why networks keep returning to this basic premise. Perhaps it’s because it’s a simple, time tested formula that would ensure decent ratings for at least a few pilot episodes, or because it offers different avenues to explore contrasting characters and interesting story lines. Either way, it looks like this is just another default format for today’s TV shows, along with reality hits about dudes with manly jobs, singing contests judged by aging divas, and the daily drama of spoiled women whom rappers used to sleep with.

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