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Can’t say I approve of the new Supergirl series

supergirl-tv-series-actress-640x360So we all know how DC has been desperately trying to catch up with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. They’re shoehorning in all sorts of characters in Dawn of Justice and already releasing a Suicide Squad flick, chalk full of even more characters with separate back stories who probably won’t be that well established. Not to mention shows like Arrow and The Flash that are kicking off a universe of their own.

It all started with Smallville, proving that the genre could be taken seriously when done properly (let’s not talk about Birds of Prey). Now Supergirl aims to continue from its predecessor. A six minute long trailer for the premiere was released this week, and I must say, I’m not feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’ll have it’s fans. I’m just saying I would have done it differently.

First off, to give an old comic book character a fresh new look for 2015, they could have made it a bit less

Must take some serious skill to fight crime in this.

Must take some serious skill to fight crime in this.

misogynistic. What I mean by this is that the series appears to still adhere to classic tropes that restrict female protagonists to mere archetypes.  Why does her costume still need to have a skirt? But I guess I could give that one a pass considering some of the other ways she’s been portrayed. Also, as the trailer itself even points out, why is Kara Zor-El still called “Supergirl”? Why not Superwoman? Sure she’s young and inexperienced, but so was Spider-Man and he was never called “Spider-Boy”.

Another thing I disagree with is the tone. I’m all for lightheartedness, but as this io9 article explains, the show literally gives off the vibe of an SNL parody, right down to the cliches we’ve come to know and despise; just because your main character is young, attractive, female, and learning about herself and the world, does not mean she has to be ditsy. I personally would have loved to see a re-imagining of the Supergirl character, but with a more thought provoking and serious tone for a new generation.

From what we could tell from the trailer, Superman is very active in this show’s universe but is more or less off stage, which is actually a smart move, as we wouldn’t want anything to draw our attention away from the show’s titular focus. Having said that, it would have been interesting if they depicted a Supergirl who wants nothing to do with her cousin Kal-El and is driven by her own independent ideals and motives, instead of aspiring after someone else, in this case a man.

See? Works without the skirt.

See? Works without the skirt.

Like I alluded to earlier, the show could do well, perhaps among younger audiences, and I could see it having serious potential and popularity. Unfortunately, it falls victim to the same tired old gender-based conventions we’ve seen fed to teenage girls again and again. Let’s hope it matures.

What do you think?


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